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Free Startup & Small Business Plan Template with Guide & Resources

A business plan is vital for setting the path for business growth and keeping your business on that path. 

A business plan lets you plan for the venture, figure out most of the details before you start business, make financial and administrative planning, and help you stay on the track once you have taken the plunge. 

Here is how a business plan template helps you!

When you plan to secure funding for your business from a bank, a friend or family member, a grant, or a credit line, you will need to have a business plan that convinces the reader that your business plan is viable and you will be able to pay them back. 

To make business plan writing easier for you, we have created a simple, straightforward, and easy to follow business plan template. These business plan templates are intuitive and you will know your next step every time. 

Let’s see how you can triumph the task of business plan writing effectively with the help of a business plan template. 

Business Plan Template

Get Free Business Plan Template

A business plan template helps you create an investor-ready business plan quickly and efficiently.

Why Do You Need a Business Plan?

Strictly speaking, you need a written business plan only when you have to convince someone that your business idea will work. 

The people who need to be convinced about the viability of your business plan other than you are your  lenders. They want to know if you can pay them back. 

Though a business plan helps you stay on the path and track your growth overtime, you don’t need a business plan when you are self-employed or a solopreneur and you are bootstrapping your way to business success. 

Why do you need a business plan when you have got everything in your head already? Research shows that people who start a business with a business plan are three times more likely to succeed in the business. 

How Can A Business Plan Template Help You?

Nothing is more scary than a blank page. A business plan template saves you from that freighting blank page. 


A business plan template gives you a clear roadmap for creating a business plan. It gives you clear directions on every stage of business plan writing with examples.  You will be writing in a way that is helpful for you to understand business planning and also presentable for getting funding. 

A business plan template is written according to the standard business plan writing practice. The chances of you getting your business plan wrong with a business plan template are slim. 

What is Included in a Business Plan Template?

A business plan template comes with the details of each section and subsection you need to write in a great business plan. 

When you download WiseBusinessPlans business plan template, you will see this outline for a business plan on the 1st page. 

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Company Overview
    1. Mission Statement 
    2. Vision Statement
    3. Purpose and Values
  3. Industry Analysis
    1. Problem Identification
    2. Problem Statement 
    3. Industry Analysis 
  4. Customer Analysis
    1. Identify Target Customers
    2. Identify Customer Needs 
    3. How the product helps the customer
  5. Competitor Analysis
    1. Direct Competitors
    2. Indirect Competitors 
    3. Competitive Advantage
  6. Marketing Plan
    1. Market Research
    2. Target Customer
    3. Barriers to Entry 
    4. Threats and Opportunities 
    5. Competitive Analysis 
    6. Positioning/Niche 
    7. Marketing Methods 
    8. Marketing Budget
    9. Distribution channels 
  7. Operations Plan
    1. Staffing
    2. Production 
    3. Quality Control 
    4. Location 
    5. Legal Environment 
    6. Inventory 
    7. Suppliers and vendors 
    8. Payment terms and credit lines 
  8. Management Team
    1. Resume Summaries 
    2. Management Team 
    3. Advisors
    4. Organizational Chart 
  9. Financial Plan
    1. Cash Flow Projections or Statements 
    2. Profit and Loss Projections
    3. Projected Balance Sheet
    4. Sales Plan
  10. Appendix

Each section of the business plan comes with the information of what you should write there. See an example of the customer analysis page of our business plan template.

Customer Analysis Page Business Plan Template

How to Make a Business Plan with the Help of a Business Plan Template?

When you have a business plan template and you want to get your business plan done quickly, use this simple process to complete the business plan. 

Step 1: You will need to first gather data about your business. Once you start with the template, it is better if you complete it in one go. 

You will need to have this data before you can start with the business plan template:

  • Company information 
  • Market data 
  • Target customer information 
  • Team information 
  • Financial forecast data (only knowledgeable estimates)

Step 2: Populate your business plan template with the unique data about your business. Leave the executive summary for now. 

Step 3: Write executive summary at the end when you know more about your business plan 

Step 4: If you can, get your business plan proofread from a person with business knowledge. 

Step 5: Make a business plan cover that looks professional before you present it to the bank, etc. 

Startup Business Plan Template 

A startup business plan template is short with only a few lines for each section. This is also called a lean business plan which doesn’t discuss the details of each part of the business plan. 

A startup business plan is concise. It is usually written for the founder or for the internal team. The lean business plan template is suitable for pitching for business funds. 

Bonus: Download our startup business plan template word free, OR startup business plan PDF, OR and startup business plan template google docs format here. 

Business Plan Writing Resources 

Need help? Use our business plan writing resources to help you create a business plan. 

Read our detailed guide on how to write a business plan.This guide goes into the depth of what is a business plan, different types of business plan, how to choose the business plan format for your business, and common mistakes you should avoid when writing a business plan. 

See a business plan in action. Check how a finished business looks by exploring our sample business plans. You will find a library of sample business plans which you can download and use it as a reference. The page also gives examples of each business plan section as it progresses.  

Do you need more reasons to put work and effort into writing a business plan? Here are 15 more reasons for writing a business plan

Do you want to create a business plan for lenders only and want to maximize your chances of securing funding? Use our investor business plan

Business Plan Template

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