Best Online Business Bank Accounts for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Learn more on which banks offer business-friendly bank accounts.

Business Bank Accounts

Partnering with the right business bank is essential for small business owners. Learn which banks offer the best business checking accounts, have low or no fees, ATM accessibility, interest-earning accounts and online or mobile banking tools.

Business Bank Accounts


Business Checking Accounts that Include

Online Banking icon, Business Bank Accounts


Small business banking online tools.

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Process business deposits with a smartphone.

Minimum Opening Deposit icon, Business Bank Accounts

Minimum Opening Deposit

Lower starting deposit to open a business checking account.

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Offer low to no fees.

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Outstanding Customer Support

Easy access to business banking support.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Business Checking Accounts

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Monthly Fees

The fee the bank charges to maintain your account. The best business checking accounts have low or no monthly fees. Some banks charge a monthly fee but offer ways that you can qualify to waive them. In this case, make sure you can meet those qualifications continually to avoid incurring costs later.

Transaction Limits icon, Business Bank Accounts

Transaction Limits

Banks often limit the number of transactions a business can make with its account, including electronic transactions and checks. If you exceed the allotted number of monthly transactions, you typically face a small fee for each transaction you make. You may want to choose an account that can accommodate your average transaction volume.

ATM Access icon, Business Bank Accounts

ATM Access

Where can you use your business debit card? Are there fees associated with using your card out of the bank’s ATM network? Does the business checking account offer any ATM fee reimbursements? Does your ATM access include both cash withdrawals and deposits? These are all relevant questions to consider.

Interest icon, Business Bank Accounts


Some business checking accounts offer interest. With interest-earning accounts, make sure you can meet any minimum balance requirements and that fees don’t cancel out the earning potential. Conversely, if you’re looking to save on a longer-term basis and don’t need daily access to your funds, you might consider a business savings account as the best option for earning interest.

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