Branding Your Business

Branding your business means both identifying your business and making your business identifiable to others. Your brand communicates your company’s personality and even its values to the public. It is the first and most often seen face of your business, allowing the public to recognize you as a good friend, a strong ally, a useful tool in their toolbox, or whatever you hope to be known as. Building a brand can be both an intricate process and an adventure, but Wise is here to help! Here are a few tips about branding your business.

Branding Your Business

The following rules will give you brief details about branding.

Why the Logo Is Important To An Organization:

When, is important to try to keep it professional and striking, but also simple and clean. A good designer can create a clear, easy-to-recognize logo that is still eye-catching and that shows the personality of your business. Simplicity ensures your logo’s versatility because it means whether the logo is used on a billboard or a stamp, no information is lost. A complicated, detailed logo might look great on a sign or used largely on a brochure, but that same logo may be very hard to see or decipher when used smaller on a business card, even when viewed from a short distance.

Business Color Schemes:

Choosing company colors is much more of a science than you may think. Color can influence mood and emotions, so it’s vitally important to research or to consult with a professional when choosing the color of your logo and other branding items. Once you choose your color set, get the specific color value numbers for it, and stick to those values 100%. For example, if you choose Autumn Sky Blue 348, make sure to use that same blue all the time. Viewers may not be able to articulate what is different or wrong, but subtle variations in color, size, or font in your branding will be subconsciously noticed and can lead to branding dissonance.

Branding Guidelines:

Once all your logo, color set, business name, and font decisions have been made, create a branding guide. All strong brands have a guide or set of rules that anyone using the brand or branded materials must follow. This ensures that only the proper logo (and logo proportions and sizes), fonts, specific colors, and proper spacing are used at all times. Again, this may seem strict or tedious, but it makes your brand cohesive and provides a sense of stability.

Following these rules will help you become recognizable to the public on sight and help them associate your company with quality, which is the ultimate goal of any branding or marketing campaign.

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