your biggest fan

The main thing in your Business beliefs is to be your own biggest fan. If you have a Belief in your business, it can really help the people around you get excited about your business and products. Your enthusiasm will be infectious and create more fans. A side effect of Business Beliefs is that you just might have a ton of fun while you’re doing it.

Business Beliefs Are More Important?

Be Your Biggest Fan:

Business Beliefs

Being your biggest fan means that you, what it is you do, or what it is you’re selling. If you are a personal trainer, be sure to stay in shape. Even if you know how to train someone else to be their best, you are selling yourself first. As your biggest fan, you need to show your customers you are devoted and that what you do works. What better way than to be your best example? The same can be said for those who sell a tangible product. Jewelry for example. Your most reliable advertisement is always wearing your own creations. People will want to know where you got that amazing necklace. This is the perfect opportunity to tell them about your business and hand them a card. Or better yet, get their information and follow up with them!

“Wear Your Colors”:

Along those same lines, have you ever heard the expression, “Wear your colors”? It generally refers to sports but it applies to your business as well. You wouldn’t go to your favorite football team’s game wearing the opposing team’s jersey. The same principle applies here. Only it’s “game on” every day. Wherever you go wear your company logo. It can be on your shirt, your hat, or even a jacket. You are your best spokesperson and advertisement. People will notice and will want to know what “XYZ Company” is all about. Be prepared. It wouldn’t hurt to have a bag with you at all times (the trunk of your car is a great place – ladies have a few items in your purse if possible) with samples or promotional items ready for that potential new customer. Put a magnet sign on your car. This may seem silly at first but these ideas get your company’s name out there and will lead to new customers.

Last, but certainly not least, never underestimate the importance of customer care. When customers come into your business be sure to be cheerful and greet them immediately. This will set the mood for your business belief & relationship and let people know you enjoy what you do. Many people come back because of the pleasant experience. Being your own biggest fan will create a strong following and happy customers.

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