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Time Affluence Meaning

The definition of time affluent is the feeling that one has sufficient time to pursue activities that are personally meaningful, to reflect, to engage in leisure.

Time affluence is a path of personal satisfaction and happiness, which is accomplished through activities such as relaxation, pleasures, and nurtures of the relationships that matter to us. Wise Business Plans has outlined the five most effective time management tips for employees:

Use Energy in the Right Way

Increasing your time affluence is hard work, especially in a modern world loaded with cell-phones, email, family, career, school, and social responsibilities. But if we try to use as much energy to create happiness as we devote to the measurable factors in our lives such as income and possessions, many of us would feel a whole lot better. With that in mind, invest in your happiness by implementing some of these tips into your life.

The Art of Saying No

One of the hardest chores is to learn to say no. If people take you for granted with numerous requests for favors, or other activities, such as idle chat, that exceed your time limitations, explain that you don’t have time. People have no choice but to honor firm boundaries. I don’t with the proper care and timing this may even work on your boss,( if you have one), to a certain degree.

Don’t Take on Too Much

Manage your schedule and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Of course, adding responsibilities to your schedule isn’t a good idea if you’re already overloaded, unless there’s some way to prune lower priority activities first. We all go through busy periods, but if your calendar is constantly overflowing, you may have pressed yourself into the corner of, “nothing gets done well, they just get done.” Take a hard line and cut the fluff, keeping only those tasks that afford meaning or have utility.

Make a List of Your Activities

Make a list of your most valued activities, family time, hobbies, personal growth, then review your life on a regular basis to assure that you are living to your highest standards. There is often a look in the mirror moment when folks ask themselves, ” Why am I working so hard and not seeing my loved ones?”

Utilize Time Effectively

Don’t let what little spare time you have drip away. We all need leisure time to watch television, read a book, or just plain relax. Unfortunately, it’s way too easy to continue these passive activities even after their pleasure point, at which time the activity becomes a mindless energy drain and a very effective time waster. The next time you find yourself vegetating in front of the television ask yourself how high up on your list this is.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is time poverty. Time poverty is the feeling that one is constantly stressed, rushed, overworked, and behind. It’s easy to see, time poverty destroys happiness. And no matter what great things or wonderful relationships you’re blessed with, life is always better if you have time to enjoy them.

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