Selling at festivals
Whether you’re at a large well-known festival, with the hottest bands and tech startups or just enjoying a local gathering, this time of year is synonymous with festivals. It’s time to get outside, have some fun, and think of ways to boost your small business’ marketing and promotion. During festivals, take advantage of often-overlooked opportunities to promote your business. Here are a few ways to get the most out of these events.
festival time
Think about what sort of events your customers will go to. If you market to senior citizens, a pop music festival or a surfing event may not be the best choice for you. Talk to the organizers of the festival for tips on their event and to get some statistics on the type of folks that usually attend. If their attendees match your customer profile, you’re good to go.
Nothing draws people to a booth like a freebie. Try to find something that’s inexpensive, but unique. Pens and keychains have really been overdone and probably won’t generate a lot of traffic. This is the right time to tap into your inner child and get creative. Think of something that can tie back to your business, and that you can imprint your name and logo on. In exchange for the giveaway item, make it as easy as possible for people to provide their information by having a form where they can jot down their information.
After the event, figure out what your costs were, how many leads you got, and how many turned into sales. This will tell you if the festival was profitable and if you should participate again next year. The bottom line is that festivals can be a great way to increase sales and market your business. They are also a great way to reward an employee, giving them a chance to get away from the office for the day. So get out to some fairs, festivals, and events and watch your business grow this season.

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