5 Innovative Ways to Attract and Connect with Customers


Connect With Customers How to connect with customers?

Connecting with customers is important not only to your business but also to your customers. After all, everyone wants to feel connected and cared for, and building a relationship with your customers creates loyalty. Shoppers or clients who feel personally connected will not only be loyal but will be more likely to refer your business to their friends.

These five proven and effective ways will help you to build connection with your customers.

5 Proven and Effective Ways to Connect With Customers

Respond a friendly:

When you receive an order or a client request, be sure to respond in a friendly, timely way. A swift, personalized response lets people know they are more than just a number and that their order or request has been noticed and appreciated.

Say Thank You:

If your customer or client base isn’t too large, consider sending a handwritten thank you note with product shipments or in response to client feedback. If you are in retail and most purchases are made in-store, write a short thank-you note on the receipt. If you mail out items, include a thank you card in the package. Handwritten notes are rare these days and therefore provide a really personal, caring touch.

Offer Special discounts:

Another way to connect with customers is to offer special discounts or coupons. This lets them know you’ve noticed their loyalty and that they are valued. Some businesses offer rewards after a certain number of purchases or collect a list of addresses and send out special offers and coupons. Letting your loyal customer or client base know they are special is great for them and for your company, so get creative and find a special way to let them know you care.

 Fact In business:

Whether your business is brand-new or well-established, one thing always remains a fact people love free stuff. A free sample, gift, or service will keep loyal customers or clients happy and help new ones become part of your loyal base. To make this a more personal experience, mail a sample, service voucher, or gift with a hand-written note or personally give them out. If you want to drive traffic to a brick-and-mortar location, you can also get the word out that these gifts or samples can be found in your store or office.

Way To Make People Feel Appreciated:

Regardless of whatever other measures you take, the No. 1 way to make people feel appreciated is to maintain excellent customer service. Even if a customer is displeased with a purchase or another aspect of their experience with your business, they are more likely to return if their situation is handled properly and with courtesy and respect. Customer service is a vital artery of your business; not only will it keep connection with customers and clients happy, but it supports and increases the flow of people looking to do business with you.

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