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presentation more interestingPresentations can be boring. A less-than-exciting topic can make this even more true. You don’t always get to choose what you have to  present on, but you can make the presentation itself more fun and interesting. Here are a few tips for effective presentation to keep your audience from falling asleep:

1. Make it Interactive:

Making your presentation interactive can wake the audience up a bit. This can be anything from playing a game with the audience to letting everyone stand and stretch. The point is to get them engaged and involved.

2. Make it fun:

Your topic may be boring, but your presentation doesn’t have to be. Add a magic trick or something people will enjoy that they didn’t expect. Give a fun pop quiz with prizes. Your imagination+ is the limit.

3. Add visual aids:

Visual aids almost always add interest and context. Your visual aids can be more than just charts. Make a comic strip or do a hands-on demonstration. This can really effect and add excitement!

4. Use some humor:

A good joke can help make things more fun and effective. Tell a funny story to set the mood. Laughter is a great way to keep your audience engaged.

5. Use your voice, gestures and personality:

A quick way to put everyone to sleep is to talk without excitement for 20 minutes. Show your audience that you are interested in what you’re talking about. Use gestures and utilize the space you’re given. If you are interested and engaged, they will be more likely to be, too.

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