starting a clothing business

Starting a Clothing Business

From screen-printed T-shirts to elaborately hand-sewn petticoats, whatever type of clothing you choose to sell, you will need to prepare to work hard and enjoy the ride. Starting a clothing business can be a dream come true, but, like the items you sell, it must be a good fit for you and your market.

Plan For Starting a Clothing Business

The foundation of your company will be a well-developed business plan — your path to success. It will prepare you for the ups and downs of running a company. Your business plan is an essential first step.

Type of Clothing You Will Sell

Of course, you need to decide what type of clothing you will sell right away. Will you sell other designers’ brands or develop your own? Carefully choose each item and prepare your inventory. Some designers choose to sell online, and the items are made to order. This eliminates the need for on-hand inventory.

Refund And Store Policies

For starting a clothing business you’ll need to develop and know your refund and store policies. Clothing is often returned or exchanged due to sizing. You need to decide on these policies and be sure your customers are aware of them before they purchase. This will help keep customers happier and keep them, coming back.


Advertising is very important in fashion and clothing. Customers need to be aware of new items. Considering an email newsletter or a Facebook page. This will help customers stay up-to-date on the latest trends in your store.

Be An Expert

Be an expert. Your customers want your input. They will depend on you to know all the latest trends. Make sure you can deliver on the promise of expertise that owning your own clothing company offers.

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