National Skin Relief Day

improve a bad day A bad day can happen to anyone. It comes out of nowhere, and once it starts, it seems to only get worse. Sometimes it’s one event that has ruined your outlook on the day. But there are ways to help ease the pain. We’ve put together a list of five small things to help pull you out of your tailspin.

1. Take a break. If your day is stressing you out, take a step back. You can walk around the building for a few minutes or just walk outside. This can help you recollect your thoughts and may help your day be just a little better.

2. Stretch it out. When you’re having a bad day, you can become tense. Some relaxing stretches can help shake off your bad energy and see the brighter side of things.

3. Eat a snack. Stress can be so much worse if you’re tired and hungry. Take a moment to eat a healthy snack. This can boost your energy and get you on your way to a better day.

4. Think of a fun memory. Sometimes recalling a great memory can make you chuckle out loud. A little laugh might be exactly what you need to make your day better.


5. Listen to a happy song. A cheerful song can boost your mood. Often a bad mood can be the root of a bad experience. Outsmart your bad day and jam out to your favorite happy song.

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