5 Business Relocation TipsSometimes a move is absolutely necessary due to business or family concerns. Other times, it’s simply an opportunity for a change of scenery. Either way, it’s important to carefully consider the impact a move will have on your business. Here are 5 business relocation tips to consider before moving your business to a new town.

1. Competition: What is the competition like in the new area? Be sure you aren’t going somewhere where you may not have a competitive edge. Visit the area and see what other similar business are around. Get a feel for who your new competition will be and come up with a plan for your business to survive and succeed.

2. The customer base: Is this an area where your business will do well? How is the local economy doing? Are other business in the area struggling or succeeding? These are all things you’ll need to research before deciding to move your business.

3. How much will it cost to move your business? There are several different things to consider as far as expenses are concerned. Will it cost more to have inventory shipped? Is it more to lease a space in the new town? How much will it cost to move your current inventory? It can be overwhelming but carefully reviewing these costs will help you come up with the most affordable options for moving your business.

4. Connections: What connections are you going to lose in your current area that you will quickly need to replace in a new area? Things like local printers, florists or other local businesses that you’ve worked with in your current location won’t be at the new location. If you work closely with other businesses, it would be wise to call around or visit businesses in the new area to start new connections.

5. Analyze all of the information you’ve gathered and make a reasonable timeline. Sometimes timing makes all the difference. If need be, you can break the move into steps and do it slowly to transition. Or you can set a date and do it all at once. The important thing is to figure out what the best timing is for you and your business.

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